Friday, November 28, 2014

Why Hire Professionals for Interior Painting

Interior painting is best done with the help of a professional painter.
For professional results, call a house painter in your area

For the best results, call a professional painter in your area
Why Hire a Pro for Interior Painting?

Why should you hire someone for interior painting?  Painting either the exterior or interior of your house helps it achieve an aesthetic appeal. Many people always think that in painting a house all you need is a brush and paint, but in real sense it requires much more than that. To get the best value for your money, it is therefore, advisable to hire professional painting contractors. There are several reasons why you should consider hiring professional painters. 
1. Quality results
Given that anyone can just go to the store and buy a brush and paint, there is much more to it than just that. Your objective here is to increase your house value and improve look, rather than to scratch up paint and color change. It is therefore, always important to hire professionals who can give your home that quality result. For best look of your home, you should hire a professional painter. 
2. New interior ideas
For latest painting technologies, for interior, exterior or both, professional painters are always up on them. They can advice you on the best interior or exterior paint depending on your house’s location and design. In addition, they can help you with colors that are specific to different rooms of your home depending on the purposes of the rooms. As you can see professionals can help you see beyond just color picking, as they can help you identify best painting suggestions that help create feel, function and look that you need. 
3. Professional painters are insured
Another good reason of hiring a professional painter is that they are insured and licensed. In the event that anything goes wrong during painting, it can be corrected because they are insured so you would not encounter losses. This will help settle your mind, but can be different if you do the job yourself.
So it all boils down to a collection of things that makes a difference where painting is concerned.  First off, when you contract with a professional, it isn't just a luxury, it's practically a necessity.
And a professional house painter also has a fairly substantial level of experience as well as knowledge to work with.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Find the Right Painter for Exterior House Painting (Contd.)

There is a lot that you need to be aware of when you want to pick a house painter in your area.  There is also a question of your health and safety.  Why?  Well, older homes have an extra risk that may not have occurred to you.
Call a House Painter in Your Area
Call a House Painter in Your Area

Older Homes and House Painting

Be aware that if you have an older home there is a chance that the house has lead based paint. A seasoned exterior house painter will have the knowledge of how to proceed and the best way to dispose of substances to minimize danger.  A painter will also know the best way to prevent risks to maintain safety while finishing a quality paint job. The professional painter will have tools and materials unique to painting an older house with lead based paint. After gathering estimates and interviewing, choose the most suitable professional painter for the job. Pick the painter that has the most effective mix of pricing as well as experience. You are going to work closely with this particular individual to convey specs and color selection, so make sure to decide on someone you're comfortable speaking with. An excellent painter can be sure that the job is completed correctly. However, don't get locked on someone right away either.

House Painters: Shop Around

Asking around is another way to get an excellent painter. There are a wide variety of resources that you can use, such as review sites, word of mouth from friends and family and more.  Those who are satisfied using a specific painter will likely be ready to refer them to others. If you are pleased with the painter’s work, be sure to keep their contact info handy in the event you have another job or know someone else who is looking for a good painter.
After selecting a professional painter, determine if you'd like your home to be hand sprayed or brushed. If left up to the painting company, many will choose to spray the house due to it being quicker and simpler. However, if you have wood siding or an older home, you might want to think about asking to get a quote that includes brush painting. Remember that painting by brush is time intensive and can cost additional money.
It's vital to seek out the appropriate painter for the job whether you should paint the inside or outside of your house. Having an experienced house painter will make sure that the work your house painter does is of high quality and performed in a timely manner.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Find the Right Painter for Exterior House Painting

So it is time to paint the outside of your home. This, needless to say, is among many high-priced pains to having a house and one which home-owners must deal with every six to eight years, depending on the exterior of your home. Here are some helpful hints that will help you throughout the procedure.
Hire a Exterior House Painter for Professional Results
Hire a Exterior House Painter for Professional Results

Before You Paint Your Home

Before the painting even begins, ascertain if there is any prep work that must be done. Be sure to take this chance to correct any problems beforehand, such as rotted siding or damaged door or window trims. Professional exterior house painting contractors will provide much needed expertise in this area, which is one of many reasons why you should consider hiring one. Be sure that the carpenter or the painter changing your siding is utilizing the exact same style and size you now have on your house.
Another thing to consider before beginning the painting is to determine if you would like to take this chance to alter the color of your home. Upgrading the color may add spice to your home. Make sure they match other colors that are already being used around your house. Examples include the landscaping, soffits, as well as the roof. The selected colors should compliment your home to its surroundings. Additionally, be aware that changing the color scheme of your house will often result in a price increase of the project. This is mainly due to it requiring extra coats to cover the old color. Each coat of painting will cost additional money.

What To Know Before you Get a House Painter

Get several estimates for the job. Be sure that the quotes contain details of what's included, cost for the labor, and an estimated completion date for the work. Be sure to have a guarantee included for touch ups if necessary. Once the job is completed, you should have a comprehensive walk through with the painter before accepting the work. Be sure to have the details of every painter in order to ask follow-up questions.

Interview each contractor to find out that they will have the appropriate expertise with your kind of paint job. Request references and follow-up on these to ensure they have a sound client foundation of customers that are happy. Request to see images of work previous examples to help you visualize the kind of job they perform.

Picking a painter can also involve a bit of caution, particularly if you have an older home...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Special Effect Painting Tricks (Contd.)

Interior painting doesn't have to be boring.  Sometimes, some painting tricks can totally transform your paint job into a classy project.  Such as adding metal finishes to your interior paint job.
Get the right paint and paint finish
Get the right paint and paint finish

Painting Tip:  A Metal Finish

Your local painting contractor will be able to help you remodel your home with tips like this one from the Do It Yourself Network:
The first step in applying a metallic glaze to a wall is to paint the wall with a base coat of interior latex paint in a color that will complement the glaze. Silver, copper and gold metallic glazes applied over a base coat of ivory give a look that's streaky and lacks depth.
A base coat close in color to the metallic glaze will complement it. Rich color results when a metallic silver glaze is applied over a gray base coat. A reddish-brown undercoat works well with a copper metallic glaze, and a dark-mustard base coat brings out the color in a gold metallic glaze finish.
It's tricky to apply metallic-finish paints without streaks. Do-it-yourselfers will get better results when using metallic glazes in small areas as accent colors. To glaze a large surface, apply the glaze with a spray gun or hire a professional to do the job." [READ SOURCE]
This is just one trick that a painting contractor can easily do. If you were to buy actual metal plates, your paint job would probably be very expensive, depending on the type of metal that you're using of course.
Another trick that you can do to a paint job is a crackle finish, which makes it look old fashioned and timeless.

The Professional Painting Contractor Difference

Can you do all this on your own? Yes and no. You can try to paint your home by yourself, but you have to know what you're doing. You also have to know the answers to a bunch of questions. What type of paint are you using? Acrylic? Enamel? Both? What sort of paint finish do you want? Gloss, Semi-gloss or flat? The answers to these questions really matter, because it can effect everything from how your paint looks to how stain-resistant it is.So remember, your professional painting contractor can help you with everything from touch-ups to new paint jobs.
When it's time to paint, go for someone local. Local businesses help to keep money in the community. And a local painting contractor is someone you can trust to remodel your home in a beautiful and affordable way.