Friday, August 26, 2016

You Should Hire A House Painter in Tucson To Paint Your Home

There is a big difference between a new paint job for your home done by a professional house painter in Tucson and a do it yourself paint job done by you, or by someone you hired blind.
Hire a Tucson Painter For the Best Results | (480) 232-5474
Hire a Tucson Painter For the Best Results | (480) 232-5474

Hiring a Professional Tuscon Painter Inspires Confidence

Nothing can be as satisfying as seeing the interior and exterior of your house beautifully painted. It is so rewarding to look at your house and smile at a beautiful finished product. In these days of DIY, you're probably thinking that you can do it on your own. If you know what you're doing, why not, however, if you are interested in a more durable paint job that looks professional, then you will want to hire a professional Tucson painter.
Are there any benefits of  hiring a house painter? What can they do that you can't?  If you are wondering why you should hire a house painter, here are the reasons as to why.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter in Tucson

  1. A house painter in Tucson has the right equipment
To paint a house you need items such as brushes, extension scaffolding, sprayers, and ladders to name but a few things you're going to need. It’s not a “one ladder” job. You will need spend on buying or renting such. This is another cost factor and can’t be compared to hiring a painter who already got the right tools for the job.
  1. A house painter does the work faster
Painting takes time. A home owner may get stuck in the middle of painting due to lack of time. Let's say you work 8-5 Monday thru Friday.  Your only free time is on the weekends.  If you're like a lot of people, weekends are days that you run all of your errands such as going to the cleaners, doing your grocery shopping and your laundry.  So getting the time to finish up the painting in days may not be possible. This is unlike a house painter who is able to focus on the job exclusively until he is done.
It even gets better when you are dealing with a professional company which can provide you with a couple of painters, say five people. The speed of five painters cannot be anywhere close to that of a single painter who is trying to jungle between daily chores and painting. Yet another reason to hire a professional painting company in Tucson to paint your home.
So make the call. Find a local painter in Tucson to remodel your home's exterior and interior.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Hiring a Professional Local Painter: Why? Because It is Smart

Hiring a professional local painter is smart on multiple levels, as this article will go over in depth.
Hire a Local Painter to Paint High Places
Hire a Local Painter to Paint High Places

Local Painters Pump Money Into Your Economy

There is a very good reason to buy local whenever you can.  More money stays in your local economy.  Companies that are multi-state or multi-national only keep a small amount of money in their local communities.  The rest of it goes to the corporate headquarters either in another state, or even another country.  However, if you hire a local painter, he will have roots in the community.  Maybe his kids play soccer at the local field, or he eats at the local pizza place.  The more a local economy is stimulated, the more it grows.  A local painter may be one of your neighbors, or even one of your friends or family.
Another reason to hire a local painter?  They are much more familiar with the codes of your area.  If you live in a housing development with an HOA, they will more than likely tell you that you have to paint your home every four or five years to be in compliance with the rules of the HOA.  However, most HOAs require only a handful of paint colors.  An out of state or non-professional painting contractor might not be aware of this.  A simple mistake in the choice of paint colors, and voila.  You get a fine from your HOA and have to pay it as well as having to paint your home all over again.  Another reason to hire a local painter is the very real danger of injury.

Local Painters Know How To Stay Safe and Keep You Safe Too

A professional house painter is going to have liability insurance.  That doesn't sound like much, however, consider if you will.  Let's say you decide that you want to paint your home on your own.  You've seen every television show that Bob Vila and Mike Holmes have produced, and read a couple of books.  You're all ready to paint, and within 10 minutes of starting, you fall from the ladder, straight through the skylight of your cranky next door neighbor.  So, not only are you injured, you're also going to get a lawsuit too.  Hiring a local painter could have stopped both of these events.  They have safety equipment and experience.  No amount of do it yourself television or books can give you that.  In the unlikely event that something went wrong with the paint job, the local painter's insurance would handle it.
So, let's recap.  They keep money in the community.  They know their paint and know how to keep you safe.  All very good reasons to hire a local painter.