Friday, December 18, 2015

Local Painters and Painting Your House (Conclusion)

Hiring a local painter is actually a great way to save money on painting your  home.
painted wall

Isn't Hiring a Painter Expensive?

Contrary to common belief, painting contractors do not charge exorbitant fees for their work. Their services are often offered at discounted and affordable rates which can also be negotiated to fit the client’s budget.
In addition, most reputable painting contractors are insured.This gives you,the homeowner,peace of mind since you will be compensated in case any incidental damage occurs in the course of the house painting project.There are also painting contractors who offer warranties on their work for a specified time period.

Painting Contractors Save You Time Too

Painting contractors normally give a quick turnaround time.
Painting a house properly takes a significant amount of time. If you attempt to do it yourself, chances are that you may leave the job incomplete due to lack of time. In contrast, a painting contractor will concentrate on the project and usually complete it in the shortest time possible.The contractor will usually bring a team of painters to ensure that the painting operation proceeds in a fast and seamless manner.
Most established painting contractors have a knack of completing their assignments in the time frame stipulated by the client. This is vital for them as it affects their return on investment. Any delays leads to loss of revenue for them. In this regard, hiring a contractor reassures you that the paint project will be completed without undue delays. This can be particularly useful if your home painting project is an emergency. In addition,the contractors do not compromise on quality, even where the project needs to be done quickly and there are strict deadlines.
Painting contractors are trustworthy. Most reputable painting contractors are certified, meaning they cannot expose the homeowner to theft and liabilities. This is because they need safeguard their reputation and licenses.
They have useful networks. A reputable painting contractor is likely to have a useful network of other building professionals. This is due to the fact that they often undertake projects in collaboration with other building professionals such as plumbers, interior designers or even electricians. Therefore, they can give you tips on how to improve other aspects of the home and the contacts of the most experienced person who can handle such work.
In conclusion, hiring a painting contractor means you can sit back, relax and let an expert professionally decorate your home with each stroke of their brush.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Local Painters and Painting Your House (Contd.)

Hiring a local painter is all about the level of service that they will provide you.  One important thing to consider is that to completely paint your home, you have to be prepared for the task ahead.
A professional painting contractor is used to working on ladders.

Up in The Air:  Hire a Painter Instead

Generally, painting a house fully involves standing on ladders for extended periods of time. This is not an activity for people who are inexperienced. In addition, if you have a fear of heights, or any sort of inner ear imbalance, this could be inherently dangerous.  A painting contractor will also have the safety experience and training necessary to minimize chances of falling off ladders and getting injuries.
The process of applying color tint is intricate and an untrained eye may not do it properly. Uneven and improper application of paint coats will result in mismatched spots and discoloration. A painting contractor will ensure that the color tints on all painted surfaces are matching as required.  And you want your paint job to be flawless.  Mismatched paint sends a message that your home is second rate and shoddy.  And in the age of homeowner's associations, no one wants that. 
Painting contractors are also able to give advice on the best paints, hot paint colors, and color schemes. Using industry experience, they can also guide you, the homeowner, on recent innovations and trends in the painting world.They keep abreast of the latest painting technology which can be used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Painting Contractors Actually Save You Money

Hiring a painting contractor generally ensures that your return on investment is assured. A good painting contractor undertakes the job after thoroughly inspecting and examining the wall conditions. They evaluate important aspects like the amount of paint coats and primer needed, whether to use wall putty and the best type of paint required. All these factors have a great bearing on the longevity of the final finish.The painted surfaces are likely to remain attractive for many years because contractors often use the finest quality materials and products.This translates to long-term savings on maintenance costs for the home owner.Overall, the extra expense of hiring a painting contractor is more than compensated by the savings generated due to the quality of their output.
Due to their extensive painting experience, painting contractors are able to offer homeowners valuable advice on how to save costs when purchasing materials and paints. Some painting contractors can also provide free estimates regarding the painting project.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Local Painters and Painting Your House

You really should look into hiring a local painter to paint your home.
For professional results, call a house painter in your area
For professional results, call a house painter in your area

Hiring a Local House Painter

Painting your house is one of the easiest and most economical methods of enhancing the value of your property.Most people consider painting their homes to be the ultimate DIY(do-it-yourself)project. In truth, however, doing the painting yourself is easier said than done. For a professionally-done and beautiful finish, you need to hire a painting contractor.
Painting contractors are equipped to handle all kinds of painting jobs. They have the skills and experience to ensure that your painting project is done to your exact specifications. Here are several reasons why your house painting job needs to be done by a painting contractor.
Painting contractors will undertake the painting project efficiently and professionally
Painting contractors are specialists in the field. They know the best painting practices, and how to overcome any problems that may arise.Moreover, once you have assigned your project to a painting contractor, you do not need to have any stress regarding how the project progresses. Your only task will be to inspect the work of the contractor at the end of the day.

A painting contractor has the requisite equipment needed to complete all manner of painting jobs .On the other hand, if you were to buy your own painting equipment, the costs involved would far outstrip the expense of hiring a contractor.A painting contractor uses the appropriate tools for each task, and this guarantees that the final results are of high quality.

The Highly Specialized Knowledge of a Professional Painter

In addition, some aspects of the painting project require specialized knowledge.For instance, a local painting contractor will carefully pressure wash your exteriors before prepping them for painting. This is done using specialized cleaning agents designed to eliminate all dirt and debris. Old paint needs to be scrapped and scrubbed off and a painting contractor has the proper tools and expertise needed for this.Other processes such as caulking(sealing joints),priming and minor repairs needed before the painting starts are also better handled by the contractor.A painting contractor will also clean up much more effectively once the painting project is complete.

So remember, you have a choice of how to spend your money.  You can buy all of the rollers, the paint, the trays, the tape, and whatever other supplies you're going to need for your painting project.  Or you could look up and find a local painter in your area instead.

Friday, November 27, 2015

How to Find and Hire the Right House Painter (Conclusion)

Hiring a local painter should never be just about who works the cheapest.  It should be about the level of quality you can expect.
An Exterior House Painter in Your Area Can Give Your Home a Much Needed New Look
An Exterior House Painter in Your Area Can Give Your Home a Much Needed New Look

Local Painters and the Cost For Their Services

When you hire a local painter, the amount you will have to pay for the work being done is obviously an important consideration, but it's not always the most important consideration. After all, you get what you pay for.
You want to hire someone who is skilled and experienced, someone you think will do a good job. Try not to hire solely on the basis of price alone. The best contractor is the one who is the best worker, is skilled, and one who is mindful of safety. This professional painting contractor might not be the lowest bidder, but chances are good that he will be your best bidder.
Get it in writing.  Once you have settled on a painting contractor, get a contract in writing, and ask questions about the work that is about to be performed. You have a right to know what exactly will be done for your money. If you have any questions, ask for clarification.

Hiring a Local Painter:  Ask Some Questions, Use Your Voice

As specifically as possible, ask what will be included in the painting quote. This might include, for example, walls, trim, moulding, and other specifics. Some contractors will leave certain items open and give their clients options such as exterior walls, vents, and other extras. Another common extra is sand blasting paint off of brick surfaces. This is often an extra.
Preparation and cleanup. Who will be responsible for cutting plants back from walls that will be painted? Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the job is done?
Specify paint colors for areas to be painted. Some owners, for example, will want the house painted in one primary color, but with trim in a second color. Make sure it is clear what will be painted which color.
Find out how the painter plans to protect surfaces such as plants and shrubs on the exterior, furniture and appliances on the interior.
When and how will the contractor be paid for his work?
Step back and enjoy.  If you follow all of the tips above, chances are significantly better that you will enjoy a successful outcome to your painting project. Now sit back and enjoy it. Now it's time to make good use of the time you have saved.  All because you called a professional house painter.

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Find and Hire the Right Tucson House Painter (Contd.)

If you hire a professional painter in Tucson, you get what you pay for. How so? What do you get for your money?

A Tucson Painter Does the Job Right

A Tucson painter does the job right in one try.
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results
No "I'll have to come back, I missed a spot."  Ask each painting contractor in Tucson who gives you an estimate the following questions, and take note of not only their answers, but their behaviors and signs as well.
  • Does the Tucson painting contractor project a professional image? Does he seem confident in his answers and guidance?
  • Does the contractor seem business-like and courteous?
  • Is the contractor's business bonded, insured, and licensed?
Note that not all states require a license for a painting contractor to operate. In the states that do require licensing, ask to see the documentation. All of this protects the contractor, you, and your home. Is the contractor a member of any house painter associations?
Will the house painter in Tucson do the work on your home himself or will he be subcontracting the job to someone else? If the contractor hires the painters directly, he should have his own workers' compensation and general liability insurance to cover them. Subcontractors should have their own insurance. Either way, make sure they have both of these and try to get copies of them before the work starts.

Professional House Painting in Tucson: Products and Service Level

What products does the painting contractor use? Does the contractor offer any written guarantee for his work?  Will the contractor provide a written list of work references? How busy is the contractor? Will he be able to start the work on your home immediately, and how long will it be before the work is completed?
Check his references. Never hire a contractor who is unwilling or unable to provide you with a list of references. Further, don't hesitate to contact these references to check out the quality of the contractor's work as well as to determine their satisfaction with the job that was done. If possible, visit the locations of work performed by the contractor. As to see jobs that have been done over time so you can check out how the contractor's work has held up over different periods.
Ultimately, you want to be informed, and make a decision based on that information.   Then you know you've found the best house painter in Tucson

Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Find and Hire the Right House Painter in Tucson

Hiring a painter in Tucson saves you both money as well as something more precious:  your time.
A Professional House Painter in Your Area Knows what Paints to Use and Where
A Professional House Painter in Your Area Knows what Paints to Use and Where

A Tucson House Painter Saves You Time

If you're like most people, you're very busy.  You probably work, and go to school.  If you have a family, you're even busier.  Painting your home is an exhausting and time consuming project. Everybody knows that. So why is it that with our time being so tight as well as valuable, do we often opt to paint our homes ourselves. And doesn't it make sense that we would want to have a professional do the work to not only get the best results, but to spend our time doing other things?
Hiring a professional painting contractor in Tucson will take the stress out of painting your home. The trouble with this is finding the right one who can do the job, on time, and for a reasonable price. This decision requires making a good choice based on a lot of information.
Whether the job you need done is for interior or exterior, these tips will help you to hire the right professional to do the job.

Tips to Find a Local Painter in Tucson

Do you know what is the best way to find a local painter in Tucson?  Ask. That's right. Getting information about painters is largely a matter of simply asking around to find a quality contractor. Ask everyone, including your friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances and practically anyone else for who they recommend based on their experiences. A good prospect can be anyone that another person has had a good experience with, since that person's experience is a good indicator of what yours will be as well.
Get estimates next. Contacting several prospective painting contractors who will give you estimates will allow you to not only find out what the job is most likely to cost you, but it will also give you the opportunity to size each person up as to their work style and personality. Prices should be roughly the same, but if they aren't, look a little closer to make sure that you are comparing like work. If a price is significantly different, there might be a chance that a contractor is trying to cut corners or is making his bid based on incorrect information. An estimate that is far less than others could also be coming from an unlicensed contractor. Contracting without a license is illegal, and anyone who tries to get you to hire them without a license should not be considered and should be reported to the state's licensing board.
Ultimately, you want someone that you can eventually put on retainer.  That's why you want to call a professional painter in the Tucson area.  

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hire a Local Painter in Tucson: All About Interior Painting

Hiring a house painter in Tucson saves you a lot of trouble.  After all, house painting is harder than you might think.  Let's take a look at interior painting and see that it may not be as simple as buying paint and a few rollers.
For professional results, call a house painter in your area
For professional results, call a house painter in your area

What Kind of Paint Finish Do You Want?

What kind of paint finish do you want? Do you want gloss or matte? Where is a flat finish best used?  How about an eggshell finish?  How do  you go about getting the proper finish for your paint job?  For that matter, what sort of paint should you use for an interior painting project?
Paint finishes vary based on a lot of factors.  The most stain resistant is gloss finish.  The least stain resistant is flat finish.  The most widely used finish is an eggshell finish.
And as for the type of paint that you want to use, you want to use a interior latex most likely.  However, you want to make sure you get the involvement of a house painter in the Tucson area.  Why?  Well, here are more questions about your painting project.

What Equipment Do I Need to Paint a Room?

What equipment do you need to paint a room in your home?  Rollers? Brushes of different sizes?  Paint? An extender handle so you can paint your ceiling? Paint trays?  How about primer?  Are you going to need a ladder, and if so, what size?
You will need all of the above equipment and you may need other things such as a paint sprayer, drop cloth, blue painter's tape, plastic sheeting and clothes that you don't mind getting paint on  in order to paint a room in your home.  You also want to get some paint for the trim of your room as well.  You want the trim to stand out and accentuate the paint color of your room.  What color should you paint your trim?
White is a traditional choice for trim color, however, it's good to look at design trends.  You also want to make sure that you pick colors that complement your decor as well as your taste, and you also want to have paint to match a room's purpose.  Kitchens and dining room areas look good with vibrant or homey colors such as reds and oranges or browns.  Bedrooms, you want something muted and peaceful, like a pastel and a bathroom looks good in crisp colors or colors in the blue and green spectrum.  A kid's room looks great with bright colors, a den or home office, not so much.
As you see, you need to know a lot in order to complete a project where you're painting.  That's why you're actually better off calling a professional house painter in the Tucson area.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hiring a Local Painter: Reasons Why You Should

Sometimes people wonder "why should I hire a painter in my area?"  There are several reasons why you should.
Hiring a Local Painter makes sense on so many levels
Hiring a Local Painter makes sense on so many levels

Local Painters Keep the Money in Your Community

local painter is more than just a business, he is also a member of the community.  Your money has incredible power.  The more money you give to a local business, the more money is pumped into the local economy.  If you give your money to a corporation, for every $5 you spend, only $0.50-$1.00 stays in the community. The rest goes to another state, or even worse, another country.,
However, for every three dollars you give to a local business such as a house painter, $2.00 of it stays here.  However, there are other reasons why picking a local painter makes good sense.  First off, do you know what primer to use, or more accurately, which primer is best for Arizona's extreme summers?  If you live in a HOA controlled neighborhood, which colors are allowed and which ones are not?  A local painter will know this.  Which probably leads you to ask another question

How Do I Find a Painter in my Area

How you find a house painter is up to you.  However, there are several proven ways to find one.  First off, ask around.  Unless you're a complete loner, you probably have friends and family.  Ask them if they have a painter that they recommend.  That's the most trustworthy way.  Another way is to check your local Chamber of Commerce as well as your Better Business Bureau.  These methods are the most trusted and rightly so.  There are other methods, however, be cautious here.
One way to hire a local painter is to check a review site such as Yelp.  However, what you have to realize is that creating a review is fairly easy.  All you have to do is have an account on Yelp, and all you need to create that account is an email address.  Some disreputable companies even offer to write an overwhelmingly glowing review for a business for a fee.  But how do you spot these fake reviews?  First off, too much glowing praise, without specifics.  Reviews like "They did a great job!" or "Wonderful painters, very professional," are often suspect particularly when there are large number of them.  One way that is a little more reliable is a social media platform such as Facebook.  Facebook has tightened their requirements, and they shut down a lot of spam accounts and fairly quickly.
Ultimately, though, you want to meet with the painter himself.  That way you know you've found the right painter in your area.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hire a Tucson Painter and Improve Your Home's Value

There are several reasons to hire a painter in Tucson.
A professional painting contractor is used to working on ladders.
A professional painting contractor is used to working on ladders.

Professional House Painters in Tucson Experienced and Insured

professional house painter in Tucson is well versed in tackling the stresses and challenges that come with each painting project. They also know the safety precautions that apply in this industry. With these facts in mind, it is easy to see why it is important to hire a professional house painter instead of doing it yourself.
Professionals house painters are insured. Another important reason why you need to hire a professional house painting company as opposed to doing it yourself is that they are trained and insured. This means that in case anything goes wrong, the company is insured and therefore, there will be no losses on your part. This will give you peace of mind as you attend to other projects. In many cases, homeowners end up looking for professional painting contractors to rectify the errors they made after a Do-It-Yourself project has gone awry.

A Tucson Painter Can Even Help You With Your Color Choice

professional house painter will be more than happy to offer professional advice on color choice to help take guesswork out of your house paining project. The paint choices available today are much more sophisticated than choosing between latex and oil. A professional will know what works and want doesn’t. They will also know how to use a certain color and with what equipments. Many professional painting companies work alongside paint and wall coatings suppliers.
Painting your house is a major investment that should be entrusted to a professional. Home painting can help improve the aesthetic value of your property and enhance its structural stability. Hiring a professional house painting contractor can help take the guesswork out of your next painting project and provide you with more time to attend to other projects or spend some quality time with your family. Hiring a professional house painter to restore the look, feel and touch of your house is a smart move and the benefits of entrusting the work to a professional as opposed to doing it yourself are clear and visible.
Ultimately, you want the best results for your money.  On the surface, a do it yourself job looks cheaper, however, there isn't a lot of room for mistakes.  If you use the wrong type of paint, within a year or two, your house will start flaking, or bubbling.  So take no risks, hire a professional painter instead.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hiring a Local Painter and Improving Your Home's Value (Contd.)

professional painter in Phoenix will also recommend the best materials that can help protect your property against water leaks, which could result in decay or even structural damage. Such repairs and renovations will help ensure that the job is done right the very first time.
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results

Professional Painters in Phoenix Have Access to New Painting Ideas

Professional house painters in Phoenix, AZ are up-to-date with the latest news and technologies in the painting industry. Technology has come of age in the world of residential and commercial painting. A professional painter can recommend the best exterior paint for your house design and neighborhood, along with your specific requirements and expectations for each room in the house. This means that they will do much more than just choosing colors and allow you to choose the best exterior painting ideas for you to create the perfect look and function for your home.
A Phoenix area painter can help to lower your stress level.  Painting professionals can help take the stress out of your house painting project. This is because they are trained, licensed and insured to do the job at your home. A professional painting company will guide you throughout the process to ensure you understand everything. Finding the right painting company may take some time, but when you hire a reliable contractor, painting the exterior of your home becomes very easy. This is because a pro will work with you to produce the best results.

Professional Painters Have the Right Tools and Equipment for the Job

Not only will a reliable house painter produce quality results for you, but they will also come with the right tools and equipment for the job. If you were to perform the task yourself, you would have to do much more than just getting a can of paint and a few bushes. Paint buckets, drop clothes, painter’s tape, ladders and other essential tools and accessories are usually required to get the job done right the first time.
Hiring a local painter helps to reduce the risk of damage to your property.  Handling a scaffold can be risky, but pros have enough experience to work on such boards without any problems. Painting can be a tedious job and after working on this board for a few hours, one can easily forget how narrow the equipment is.  That's why it's best to hire a pro:  a house painter in the Phoenix area.
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Hiring a Local Painter and Improving Your Home's Value

Hiring a painter in Phoenix for the the purpose of painting your house can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal and increase its monetary value. How?  We're glad you asked.
IPaint Homes Contractor
Hire a Professional House Painter in Your Area

Painting Your Home with the Help of a Phoenix House Painter

Exterior house painting in Phoenix can also improve the structure stability of your property. Unfortunately, many people assume that painting is a simple Do-It-Yourself task, but anyone who has handled a major home painting project will agree that it is not easy at all. Although painting a single room seems easy on paper, there is a major difference between a beginner and a professional doing the job. Here are some important benefits of hiring a professional house painter in Phoenix:
While almost everyone can buy a can of paint and a few brushes for a home painting project, there is more to home painting than you may think. Foremost, the goal here is not just to change the color of your house or to remove unsightly features from a room. The main objective is to increase the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. A professional house painter has the experience needed to select quality paint, which when combined with experience will allow the professional painter in Phoenix to provide quality and lasting results.
A professional house painter in Phoenix will never buy paint just because it is on sale. Instead, he or she will use quality paint that will produce the best results for their customers. In addition, homeowners may not be able to guarantee the quality of their own work. This is simply because an inexperienced painter may make mistakes that may need to be rectified. This means that the homeowner will have to dish out more money for errors to be rectified. This challenge is a major motivator for many homeowners to hire a professional house painter as opposed to doing the job themselves.

Professional House Painters in Phoenix Have Years of Experience and Expertise

While you might have watched several videos on how to paint your home, professional painters boast years of experience and expertise that allows them to produce good quality results for their customers. For instance, a pro will not just come to your home and paint the house with the available paint and leave. Instead, they will assess your house inside and out, identifying any defective features that should be fixed before painting.   You can read more about local painters here.
Ultimately, you want someone that won't mess up your home and who will ultimately add to it.  One of the best people is a painter in Phoenix.
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Painter in Phoenix: Or Why Painting Your Home Can Be Too Much to Handle (Conclusion)

Hiring a house painter in Phoenix not only saves you more than a little money, it also saves you a bunch of hassle as well.  The cleanup and disposal is a mess.
Paint your Door Red with The Help of Your Local House Painter
Paint your Door Red with The Help of Your Local House Painter

Local Painters Can Make Even Tough Painting Projects Easy

When starting  large painting projects many people don’t think about the disposal of paint cans, rags, buckets, cloths, and other materials. Some of this material is considered hazardous and needs to be disposed of properly. Some garbage pick up companies will not take these items and throwing them away in your personal vehicle can lead to spills or paint splats in or on your car.  In addition, some of the chemicals connected with types of paint can be hazardous to your health.  Some paints for example, contain xylene, which is a known carcinogen.
Phoenix house painter can give you professional recommendations.  Professional painters can tell you the best options to help increase the value of your home. They can also tell you if that beige is really going to be beige or turn out light brown after you apply it and it drys on your wall.

Protect Your Health and Safety:  Hire a Local Painter

Houses built before 1978 are likely to contain some sort of lead paint. In fact, almost all houses built before the 1970’s contained lead based paint. Dealing with lead can be very dangerous and you’ll want to dispose of it if you are thinking about selling your home at any time in the future. If you are thinking of painting over the lead based paint please do not. It can be extremely dangerous for you. If you are unsure whether your home does or not, consult a professional house painter in Phoenix to inspect your house. A lot of contractors or paint companies will come out for free to inspect your home and give you an estimate.
It is estimated that 1 in 5 people who start a large do it yourself project like painting the interior or exterior of your home end up hiring a professional to finish the job. Time is the one thing you can’t get more of and unless you have experience painting, you’re going to waste a ton of it doing it yourself. Don’t stress yourself and your family out to save a few bucks if you don’t absolutely need to.  Get with a pro instead, and hire a local painting professional.
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Local Painter: Or Why Painting Your Home Can Be Too Much to Handle (Contd.)

The reasons to hire a local painter vary, but there are several of them.  Here are some more.
A professional house painter brings a lot of skills to a painting job
A professional house painter brings a lot of skills to a painting job

Liability and House Painting

Continuing from our previous list, here are more reasons to go with a pro
You don’t have enough insurance to cover what could go wrong.When hiring a painter you should always check two things - references and insurance. A legitimate painting company will have liability insurance and don’t be afraid to ask to see it. You’re not the only one I promise. Remember that if you do decide to paint by yourself you’re not covered if you spill that bucket of paint on your expensive painting or leather couch.
Wall sanding and prep work is another set of reasons. Have you ever sanded a wall? If you’re like most people probably not. Are you sure you don’t need your walls sanded before painting? You should probably consult a professional if you don’t know the answer to this question.

Keep Your Expenses Down:  Hire a Local Painter

When starting a paint project you’re going to need tools, ladders, protection for the floors or bushes, rollers, paint brushes, buckets, tape, and more. The cost of this stuff can add up quickly and once you start to add up all of the costs you’ll realize you’re not saving as much money as you initially thought. Don’t forget about the time it takes to grab all of that stuff from the store. 3-4 trips to Home Depot because you forgot something will cut into your estimated finish time.
You could run into long term problems. A paint job that uses the wrong type of paint or that is applied incorrectly can be extremely expensive. You could end up having to do the entire project over by yourself or hiring a professional 2-3 years down the road when the paint starts to chip and peel. Sometimes it can be even more expensive if the paint company has to go back and fix the work that you did.
You’ll get better results with a professional. As I mentioned earlier your house is one of your most important assets. Don’t you want results that you’re going to be happy to come home to every day? A new interior or exterior paint job can add thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to the value of a home. A paint job that looks terrible can have the reverse effect.
So be smart.  Hire a local painter instead.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Tucson Painter: Or Why Painting Your Home Can Be Too Much to Handle

professional painter in Tucson can help give your home a new look, often for a fraction of the price of other methods of remodeling.  However, before you scurry down to your local paint store or hardware super center, you might want to consider hiring a professional to do the job instead.
Hire a Professional Painting Contractor
Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

Why Hiring a Professional Painter in Tucson May Be Your Best Bet

Hiring a Tucson painter is all about the sheer scope that a painting project can reach.  Painting a small bathroom is one thing. Trying to paint your entire house is a completely different monster. At first glance painting your home by yourself may seem like a great way to save money, but for most people your home is your most valuable asset and it should be taken care of and handled by a professional.
Interior painting and exterior painting require much more time than most people consider when first looking into the project. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional for paint jobs.
Tucson painter saves you both some time and helps you to avoid stress.  Professional painters can typically handle an average job in 2-5 days depending on the size of the house and how much preparation necessary such as moving interior furniture. Typical homeowners have jobs, kids, responsibilities and what may seem like a two day job can quickly turn into a month long project.

Hiring a Local Painter in Tucson Saves a Bunch of Hassle

If you’re like a lot of people you’ve had the option to choose to put together some sort of patio furniture or table by yourself or have it assembled and shipped to you for $50-100. Most people wish that they paid the extra $50-100 because it ended up taking a full day to assemble. Now imagine that scenario when you are trying to paint your entire house and it takes a month to finish. Most people do not want painting equipment all over their homes for that long or to have to come home from work and start to WORK again.  So hire a local painter in Tucson instead.
Choosing the correct type of paint can be confusing, which is yet another reason to contact a Tucson painter. Choosing paint is more than just the difference between oil, latex, low gloss, or high gloss. Even just mixing paint wrong can sometimes create a color that is way different than expected. There’s so many different types of paint and primer for the interior and exterior it can get overwhelming.
The people at big box home improvement stores are great, but if you're starting a big painting project you will want to hear from an experienced professional that you're  choosing something that will last before you spend tons of money and waste your time. So take no chances.  Hire a professional painter in Tucson instead.
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Paint Your House With A Professional House Painter (Conclusion)

Hiring a professional painter is all about the knowledge that he or she can bring to the job.
A professional painting contractor is used to working on ladders.
A professional painting contractor is used to working on ladders.

Examples of Things Local Painters Know

Did you know that different masonry types require different treatments and paint types? A house painting contractor will have been exposed to all of this before, and will know it very well.
Can you make your house trim “pop?” The house trim is usually the crowning glory for any painting job. The different colors set off the rest of the house, and to do it right requires special patience and talents, along with a lot of hard work. A house painting contractor will have done trim hundreds, if not thousands of times.
Did you know that there is no second chance to make a first impression? A paint job that is just not quite right will be with you for a long time unless you bite the bullet to do it right the first time. An excellent paint job on your home will add value and curb appeal to your house, and a house painting contractor has his or her reputation on the line every day and with every job.

Hiring a House Painter Saves Both Time and Money

Do you know how long the painting will take you? At some point in the summer, you will probably want to take some vacation time, but quite likely, you could still be house painting. In addition, if you live in a warmer The job of preparation and painting will always take longer than you think, and do you want to waste your weekends painting, or spending your time with the family? A house painting contractor has a vested interest in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. He or she can be painting while you are working during the week. So think about it as you multi-tasking your way to getting the house painting job done.
So, do it yourself, or hire a house painting contractor? The evidence is in, and hands down, most of us would be much better off hiring a professional house painting contractor to paint the house. They come with the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to do the job right the first time, and there are many things to consider that we may not even know or have thought about.
Ultimately, hiring a local painter will save you money as well as time.  He'll be able to do the job right the first time, and knows what to do to protect other areas from being painted.  All good reasons to hire a local painter.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Paint Your House With A Professional House Painter (Contd)

Professional house painters do even more work than you might think.  How so?  Let's explain.
House Painters Bring Professionalism to the Job...
House Painters Bring Professionalism to the Job...

Professional House Painting

Did you think about all the work that is required to scrub and clean all the exposed surfaces before they can accept paint? A painting contractor does.  He views your project as a complete series of steps.  Your external walls may look clean, but after years of wear and tear, there will be all sorts of nasty materials that need to be scrubbed off before you even think of house painting.
A house painting contractor will come to the job ready to clean, with all the right equipment.  Have you really given any thought of all the specialized equipment that you will require. A single ladder just does not cut it, and if that is what you were thinking of using, you are getting closer to being one of those house painting related injury or death statistics. A house painting contractor will have the necessary equipment to do the job safely and efficiently.

Interior Painting:  Did You Know...

Did you know that you are going to have to tape off some areas? You are probably not going to be painting everything the same color, so have a look at what, and where you are going to have to tape off to make sure the job is done right. There will be some pretty tight and challenging areas, which a house painting contractor, who comes to the job with the right equipment, can do safely.
Did you know what kind of surface you are going to paint? You just cannot put new paint over old paint, if the types are not compatible. Woe to you to not get it right, and then having to strip and repaint a second time. A house painting contractor will have this all figured out.
Did you know that differing types of surfaces and materials require different preparations? For example, a wood surface to be stained requires a different treatment from one that will be painted. A house painting contractor will take all of this in stride. Masonry is another subject and it will be covered in a future article.
Did you know that the quality of the brushes and rollers can make an enormous difference in the quality of your painting job? Any house painting contractor with a good reputation, will not be a “Cheap Charlie,” going for the low quality tools because her or she will know that the quality of the job and their reputation is on the line.
So don't go cheap.  And don't do it yourself.  Instead find a local painter.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Paint Your House With A Professional House Painter

It is categorically better to hire a painter in Ahwatukee than to try to paint your home.
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results
Find a House Painter in Your Area for Best Results

Doing it Yourself Vs. Hiring a Painting Contractor in Ahwatukee

Here we go; the debate about Doing It Yourself, or using a professional to do your house painting. In this article, we are going to solidly support the benefits for, and why you should select a professional painter when wanting to do your house painting.
There is no question that 1000’s of people take on the job of house painting on their own. But don’t take the risk, and there are many other things that a professional will address, that most of us may not even think of, or know about.
Injuries from falling from heights are one of the biggest causes of household injuries. There are no definite and absolute numbers available for people injured or killed each year from painting, but falling from heights kills over 500 people in the Untied States each year. This is nothing to scoff at, and when one adds lack of experience working at heights, not having all the right equipment, and safety supplies, this adds to the risk that each one faces when climbing the ladder and reaching back to paint that roof gable.
Preventable accidents aside, there are many other factors in house painting that add to the complexity of the painting project, and this adds more fuel to the fire why a professional house painter is the best for the job.

Reasons to Get a  Pro for Exterior Painting in the Ahwatukee Area

For example did you know that the exterior paint on your house is the first line of defense for the protection of your home? Along with this is all the caulking that should be inspected and redone to make sure your house is sealed tight. A house painting contractor knows where all the places are that need to be checked and if necessary, properly prepared.
Inspecting all the caulking around those windows on the second floor, and all the other areas that should be checked, adds a whole level of complexity and risk that most of us do not think about.  Yet another reason to find a local painter.
In addition to all of this prep work, a professional painter in Ahwatukee knows how to prepare the surface of your painting project, from sanding to taping.  Another reason to look at hiring a pro?  Experience.Most licensed and professional painting contractors have years if not decades of experience.  So there is a lot to be said for hiring a pro, and we will continue this in a future article.
For now, be careful.  Instead of risking property damage and potential injury, err on the side of caution.  Call a professional painting contractor in Ahwatukee.
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