Friday, August 25, 2017

How Can I Find a House Painter in Chandler?

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You are probably asking how you can find a house painter in Chandler?   One of the best ways is to use the Web for this purpose.  Why not do it yourself?  Well, a house painter comes with both skills and experience.

How Do I Paint My House?

Whether it’s painting a room or painting your entire home,  you can rest easy knowing professional painters are indeed professional. You can trust them to take care of your home or business.
Don’t put yourself at risk of being a cautionary tale, hiring from sketchy online sites and inviting strangers into your home or business with no known association with any professional organization just to save a few bucks. Hire a company in Chandler you can trust.But what about painting your home yourself?
Professional painters in Chandler complete thorough prep work. Part of what makes painting so time-consuming is prepping the home. If you were painting the room yourself, first you have to empty the room of furniture. Then go over the walls, fixing any nail holes or damage. Depending on the maintenance and age of your home, you will likely need a lot of time to prep the walls. If you own any pets, this means washing and dusting. Wallpaper requires stripping and sanding. Does your house have crown molding? Taping around the molding and window sills keep your paint colors separate. Other times, priming the walls’ surface is all you need before you begin painting. If you have to do these steps, painting your house on your own takes a lot of time.

Why Should I Get a Professional Painter?

Professional painters complete these tasks faster. They have the repetitive muscle memory of doing these tasks. They will know whether your walls need washing or what areas may need two coats of spackle. Professional painters take the time to be thorough with their prep work.
Every day rental owners may not think it is necessary to follow these steps. Rental owners may cut corners to save time and money. This is why you should hire professional painters. Professional painters will make the best decisions for your vacation rental property.
Professional painters clean up.One of the best parts about hiring professional house painters is that they clean up! Clean up refers to a variety of measures. Most mean:Professional painters clean up.One of the best parts about hiring professional house painters is that they clean up! Clean up refers to a variety of measures. Most mean:
  • Removing tarps and painters tape.
  • Dusting, vacuuming, washing room.
  • Rehanging light fixtures and outlet covers.
  • Resetting a room with its furniture.
  • Cleaning and packing away their materials.
  • Washing paint brushes.
  • Packing away ladders, etc.
So, they're faster, they have expertise, and they'll do a professional job from prep work to painting to clean up.  Pretty strong reasons for hiring a professional painter.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Hire a Painter in Mesa and Paint With Confidence

If it's time to paint your home, the best way to proceed is to find a painter in Mesa.
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Professional Painters in Mesa Are Paint Experts

You look at your home in Mesa, and realize that it has seen better days.  You probably need both exterior painting and interior painting   You want to save some money.  So you research house painting online and decide to paint your home yourself.  You decide to do your interior painting project first.  You put the paint up, and after it dries, you are instantly disappointed.  Why?  It's because painting is more than just rollers, paint and drop cloths.  It's all about the details, which is why hiring a painter in Mesa is a better idea.  Take a look at your paint for example.
You look at your paint and see after you've painted that it is flat finish.  That means there is no gloss on it.  There's nothing wrong with flat finish, but if you were looking for a bit of shine to your new paint job, then semi-gloss or gloss paint is better.  You also notice that there is a blemish on the paint, and a bubble.  That's because you didn't prep the surface before you painted.  House painting involves a great many steps, and about 40% of them take place during the prep process.   Painting involves sanding and filling in voids.  It involves taping and using sheeting to protect areas of your home from paint damage.  And that's just interior painting.  Exterior painting has it's own pitfalls.

Exterior Painting in Mesa and Its Many Pitfalls

Which color should you paint your home?  Well, a word of warning here.  Unless you're living in an unincorporated neighborhood, or unless your neighborhood is older, odds are you belong to a homeowner's association (HOA).  Love them or hate them, HOAs are a part of owning a home in a great many areas of the US.  Some are very restrictive in what you can and cannot do. Others are more laid back.  However, one thing that a great many of them have in common is they can dictate what color your home should be. And that is yet another reason to hire us.

They usually give a range of colors and if you paint outside of that color spectrum, you could find yourself facing fines, and even a lien on your home if the fines go unpaid. So painting your home yellow, like that picture of a villa you saw in a travel special about Mexico, might not be the greatest idea if your HOA doesn't allow that color.  But even if you paint your home with the right color, if something goes wrong during the painting process, you could find yourself in trouble yet again.  That's why hiring a professional painter in Mesa is such a good idea.  He can keep you on the right side of your HOA and still give you a professional paint job.

So, be smart in how you save your money.  Hire a professional house painter in Mesa, AZ instead.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Professional House Painting in Your Area (Conclusion)

Professional local painters inspect your home carefully before they begin painting. They’re able to spot any rot, decay, or structural defect that may need repair before you begin painting. They can also provide you the materials you will need to protect your home from water vapor damage that leads to rot and structural damage. This will ensure that the job gets done the right way the first time, saving you time and money.

You save your precious time.
What is your time worth? Even if you discover that it is cheaper for your to buy paint and supplies then to hire a professional, are you including the value of your own time? What could you do in the number of hours you spend on the job that would take our team of painters less time to do? Why book your calendar for days of painting when you could let us do the heavy lifting for you?

If something goes wrong with your paint job you can find comfort in the fact that the painting company is insured to make it right. Their insurance should be able to provide your property with protection from anything that happens to it during the painting process (as a result of it. Talk directly with your representatives about the specifics). Do not hire a company that is not insured!

It takes a bit of work and motivation to get a painting license. A contractor must have a minimum years of experience working in their trade and provide proof of that experience. In addition to having the experience a contractor has to learn about the legalities in their specific state. This gives the contractors a solid foundation to start their business. The licensing process doesn't guarantee an amazing contractor. However and more importantly, the process ensures people have experience.


If you hire a commercial painter you can rest easy that your cousin Bob wouldn’t fall off a ladder and come to you with his hospital bill. Professional painters are experienced and trained on how to safely plan and execute a paint job. The Pros have systems and protocols that a novice painter will not have.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Professional House Painting in Your Area (Contd.)

Hiring a professional painter brings quicker results and saves you money.
A Local Painter Can Help You Recapture
Your Home's Beauty |

Professional Painters in Your Area

As we covered previously, every home renovation project Every home renovation project prompts the same question: is it cheaper to paint your home yourself? At first glance it appears cheaper, but when you look at the bigger picture it isn't.  For one, a professional painter knows all about prepping a surface for paint, and getting paint that will last for years.
Professional house painting contractors have the knowledge to know which paint is better to use as well as which brushes and rollers to use. What does that mean for you and your paint job?  It means no streaks, random uneven areas, or roller marks. They know what they are doing.
It can take the average homeowner weeks, or even months, to paint the inside or outside of their home. When you hire professional painters to do the job for you, you can tell them when you want them to start and set a deadline for when you want the work finished. Delays might come if major repairs are required first, or if you are having any other home improvement work done, but most professional painters will give you a finish date so your home can get back to normal.  In addition, they usually have a crew of people working for them, which makes the job go a lot faster.

Want to Save Some Money?  Hire a Painter

Hiring a painter can save you some money. Often people decide to do their own painting in hopes of saving money but how much does it really save you? When you hire a professional you aren’t investing in painting materials you’ll never use again. Nor do you have to worry about renting and transporting larger supplies you may need.
Most professional companies offer a written estimate for the work you want to be done so there won’t be any of the guesswork in figuring out how much the job might cost. Also, work done correctly will last longer. An amateur job may need to be redone sooner than a professionally done one. Let’s be honest, don’t forget the money you’ll save buying pizza and beer for your buddies if they offer to help.
What the home improvement channels and YouTube videos can’t teach you is how to spot the problems. You can certainly learn how to properly use a brush and apply paint smoothly, but there are other factors that come with updating your home’s paint that can make a huge difference.
So you can save money in the long run, and get professional results.  Hire a local painter today.
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