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Professional House Painting in Your Area

Hiring a professional house painter in your area saves both money and time.
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Is It Cheaper to Paint Your Home Yourself?

Every home renovation project prompts the same question: is it cheaper to paint your home yourself? At first glance it appears cheaper, but when you look at the bigger picture it isn't.  For one, a professional painter knows all about prepping a surface for paint, and getting paint that will last for years.
While it's generally accepted that the only thing stopping people from hiring a professional house painter is due to the perception of saving money, here's why you should hire a house painter:
The job is tougher than you think. It may seem relatively simple to pick up a brush and a roller and slap some paint on your house, but that is most assuredly not all there is to it.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Painting, whether interior or exterior, requires technique to look good. People tend to over paint, extending paint too far and not putting on a thick enough coat. Sprayers can put on a lot of paint in a hurry but require skill to use. If a home incorporates several colors, that design feature requires more skill in “cutting in,” where the colors butt up against each other.
A good, professional house painting contractor is well-schooled on the most efficient techniques and methods to paint your home quickly and beautifully, while simultaneously protecting the surfaces you don’t want to be painted. Not to mention, painting is their full-time job. Your house is their priority. They won’t be scrambling on the weekends to get it painted like you would – they’re there to paint and make it look good.
Being able to physically handle the job is another consideration. The mind may be willing, but painting an entire house requires a certain amount of fitness. It’s physical work and requires arm and upper body strength. Climbing up and down ladders for preparation and painting also figures in.
Don’t worry about bad surprises when you hire a commercial painter. You can expect a beautifully done, professional job. Not just attractive to the eye but properly prepared, painted and finished with long term quality in mind.
A professional painter will only use paint that gives beauty and one that is durable. They use top of the line equipment tᴏ make sure the job is done right and on time. A homeowner who does not specialize in painting may not know what type of paint is better in one area and not the other. Yes, using different paints in different areas can make a difference. And so can hiring a professional painting contractor.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Hot Paint Colors for 2017

Do you know what the hot paint color schemes for 2017 are? We do, but we're in the industry.
Paint Colors for 2017 Are More Muted |

Hot Paint Colors 2017 From Your Painter in Mesa

As your house painter in Mesa, we like to share information about paint and house painting. According to this article excerpt from Elle Décor by Devin Alessio: "It's now 2017, which means one thing: It's time to discuss which home decor trends will define the year. On the color front, sophisticated hues are poised to take center stage, according to Behr, which has predictions for colors to keep an eye on in 2017. The paint company has divided its selections into three palettes — Confident, Composed, and Comfortable — and if they are any indication, we'll be drawing decor inspiration from our personalities in the year ahead. Creative, social types will be drawn to the Confident palette, defined by dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens, designed to captivate your attention. Then there's the Composed palette. Its earthy greens and taupes will be a go-to for traditionalists looking to create a contemporary space. And it's all about pale pastels in the Comfortable range, characterized by light pinks, blues, and yellows that make the smallest of spaces pop. Its muted shades are ideal for introverts who want to make their first foray into accent colors. We've already seen some of these shades make waves this year, so if you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, look no further than 9 rooms below. It's easy to see why we'll be obsessed with them well into 2017." [View Source]

 So what do color trends look like for 2017? In a word? Pastels. Whether it is Gentle Aquamarine by Sherwin-Williams, Jade Dragon by Behr, or Endless Sea by Sherwin-Williams, the colors are more muted this year. There aren't vibrant reds or oranges as much. Is that to say that you can't use these colors in your interior painting?

Interior Painting in Mesa

Not at all. In fact, one trend that has carried over from years past is to paint a room with complementing colors on opposing or adjoining walls. So you could paint a wall in a beautiful slate blue, and another wall in a scarlet red, and have them work well together. And your state of residence also has an impact on your paint choices.

The Southwest has a wide color palette to chose from. Whether it is the golden red color of sandstone, the olive green of the desert in spring, or the pale blue of the summer sky, there are a wide range of colors to choose. And as your painting contractor in Mesa we can help you to pick both the colors and finishes you want.


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Friday, July 14, 2017

House Painting The Easy Way (Conclusion)

When it's time to paint your home, a Chandler painter can help you, even with selecting a color.

How Do You Know How Paint Will Look When Dry?

Paint can look different dry or wet, because it's not just the paint, it's the finish as well. In addition, a paint can look different in both artificial and natural light, as well as the level of light involved.

As we covered previously, one way is to use testers or paint samples. before the actual painting is done. Purchase testers in different colors and shades then try them on different walls. This is to see how the light will hit them at different hours of the day.

This will give you a clue of how it will look when the actual painting is done. Another way to know the paint color is to hire a professional house painter in Chandler.

Hire a house painting contractor in Chandler who is professionally trained in interior painting. You do not want to hire a painter and spend all your time crossing your fingers, hoping that they will do it right. They will still get paid, however, you will have lost money because you will have to have a professional come in to correct their mistakes. You will likely kick yourself for not hiring a licensed painting contractor in the first place.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Home?

Ask your house painter about the costs. Hiring a professional interior painter will cost you some money. Some are more expensive than others. You should always go for quality even when at times it might hit you a bit in the pocketbook. Make sure you know what is covered in their services. Some painters include moving the furniture as part of their services some charge a fee. If your home was built before 1978, you should hire a lead expert to check it before any work has been started.

This is because some houses still have lead paint in the original layers of their paint. You should always protect your family against lead exposure since it can lead to serious health complications. Lead-based paint exposure may cause your children to have high blood lead levels. If the original paint has lead, ensure that the surface of the paint will never be broken. Interior painting, when done perfectly will turn your home into a beautiful haven that your friends and family will love. It all starts with a call to your Chandler painting contractor.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

House Painting The Easy Way: Hire a Chandler Painter (Contd)

A house painter in Chandler can help you with one of the most challenging things with painting your home: picking the right colors.
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A Professional Painter in Chandler and Color Choices

Haven't you ever wondered why bold colors are good for the bathroom? It's because almost everything else in a normal bathroom is white which is neutral. Victorian sensibilities often put white walls along with white tiles in the bathroom to give it a look of being clean. However, with modern sensibilities, white tiles, white tiles, white towels make most people think of a hospital, not a bathroom in a home. But how do you know what color to paint your bathroom? One way is to use testers or paint samples. before the actual painting is done. Purchase testers in different colors and shades then try them on different walls. This is to see how the light will hit them at different hours of the day. This will give you a clue of how it will be when the actual painting is done. If you don't like the look, you get a chance to choose other different colors. Make a point of understanding undertones It is always advisable to use your darkest color of choice on the strip so that you can know its true color.

Painting Your Bathroom With the Best Color Choices

This is to avoid instances where the paint turns out to be too much of something; maybe too blue or too red. If you do not understand the undertones well, you could end up painting your home uglier and less beautiful. Apply a particular theme for the entire home This does not necessarily mean that you should use a single color for the entire house. It means that you should consider how one wall will look standing against the other, or how a room and the one next to it will look like after the painting is done. You can play it safe and choose one color; use a few lighter or darker shades in one room or wall.

 Choose the correct finish as well. If you are intending to mask flaws, use the lowest gloss possible, however, a bathroom should always be at semi-gloss or higher. You have already chosen the right paint colors and you need to get the work started as soon as possible. You do not want to do the interior painting yourself most probably because, without professional training, you won't get the same results. This means that you have to look for an interior painter. Factors that you should consider when hiring an interior painter Hiring an interior painter takes a lot of the guesswork out of painting your home.

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