Friday, March 25, 2016

How to Find and Hire the Right House Painter in Gilbert

Hiring the right house painter in Gilbert is key to painting your home.

Is it Time to Paint Your Home in Gilbert?

Is it Time to Paint Your Home? | Call your local painter
Is it Time to Paint Your Home? | Call your local painter
Is it time to paint your home?  Are you tired of the way the interior of your home or office looks and thinks a new paint job is in order?
Are you undecided whether to take on the project yourself or hire a professional painting contractor in Gilbert? You’re not alone. Many homeowners believe painting is an easy DIY project that they can tackle on their own, but anyone who has ever attempted to do a major painting project will tell you that it’s not that easy the way you think. Most of the times, you end up spending more time and money contrary to what you’re made to believe, and the results are not always that pleasing.
If you’re not a professional painter, there are so many mistakes you’re likely to make while trying to paint your home yourself. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Common Painting Mistakes

Painting contractors in Gilbert spend most of their time on prepping. They make sure that the walls have been properly cleaned, cracks and peels are scrapped off, painter’s tape applied carefully and any patching compound allowed to dry before painting starts. This is why they are able to give you the smooth, lasting finish that you’re be proud of. On the other hand, most of the do-it-yourselfers being so excited to see their new color on the walls, jump right into interior painting without any preparation. And the result, as you can imagine, is disastrous - a rough or gritty finish that will require professional smoothing to look better (which will force you to spend more money).
Going Without A Primer
Primer is very important for covering stains (caused by smoke, mildew etc.) before painting. Unfortunately, many DIY painters skip priming altogether either because they want to save money or they don’t know which primer to buy. This often leads to only one thing – a patchy and unsightly appearance. This is not what many people would like to see after investing their time and effort in a painting project.
Using Cheap Painting Tools To Save Money
Even if you buy the best paint in the whole world, it won’t give you the professional results you desire if you decide to go cheap on the applicators. As a do-it-yourselfer, it may seem like a good idea to buy cheap painting tools, but in reality you’ll be spending more in the long run. They don’t give a good coverage like high quality brushes and roller covers do. In the end, you’ll be forced to pay for professional repainting.
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Should You Hire a Pro to Paint Your House?

Should you hire a pro to paint your house?  In a word, yes.  Why?  Well, whether you are a perpetual do-it-yourself type or not, if it's time to paint your home, chances are good that you trying to determine if it's a job you should do yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The temptation to do the work yourself might be great, especially when you consider the money you could save, but before you pull your ladder and tools out, consider these safety, equipment, and stress issues.

shutterstock_267735539A Professional Painter Knows Your House Type and How to Paint It

Some homes are simply easier to paint than others. Where does your home fit on this scale?  It is obviously easier as a house painting project if you have a single level ranch home, rather than a split level.
If you're afraid of heights, or even nervous, you should not try to paint your home.  An older and taller home is best handled by a professional painter.  Because if you try to do it yourself, sooner or later, you're going to make one wrong step and you will end up being a statistic on a government chart.  Or let's be optimistic here.  Let's say you don't have any accidents to yourself, but you forgot to move your car.  Your once silver sedan is now sprinkled with brick red drops.  However, no one is going to buy your story about it being hip.  Each house is different, and each one while they all have some commonalities, they have to be treated differently.
A ranch house is much easier to paint than a triple-story Victorian with several wings or dormers. Look at a Tudor style home or a Queen Anne.  Like those dark rafters accenting your walls?  What happens if they weren't taped right?  Soon the dark beams will look ragged.

Custom Homes and Professional Painters

Do you have a custom home?  Do you like all those elegant touches such as a stained glass window in your breakfast nook or dining room?  How about that sun-soaked octagonal turret that you read in on the weekends?  If your home is a custom one, that is even more of a reason to call a professional painter, particularly if there are any intricate designs or other distinguishing features.   Another thing that professional painter in your area is going to know is how important ladder placement is.
Ladder placement is not just about accessibility to the surface to be painted.  It is also about safety.  If you place a ladder on a hill or raised surface, it won't be as stable as it would be on a flat surface.  This is just another reason to hire a local painter.

The details mean everything.  This holds true in life, and in house painting projects.  So don't take any risks.  Find someone who knows what they're doing: a professional painter.