Friday, December 26, 2014

Cabinet Painting: The Easy and Best Way (Contd.)

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a professional painter to paint your cabinets...
painting cabinets in kitchen
Professional Cabinet Painting Can Make a Difference

Professional House Painting and Cabinets

As we covered previously, there are a lot of reasons to get a professional house painter to give your kitchen cabinets a new look.
They will give you a smooth surface when they paint your cabinets. Brushes and rollers sometimes end up giving you bumps on the surface. It may be due to the fact that the surface was not well cleaned or the paint mixture was nit well mixed into an even homogeneous fluid. Professional painters have the advantage of having the experience to understand all this. The surfaces of the cabinets in most cases are not even. They may have some impurities. Professionals will come with the right tools to make the surface clean and ready for the rollers or brushes then they apply the layers of the paint right. That is how you get a smooth finish.
They can get you the flawless surface that you need. Cabinet corners and joints will definitely be a problem when you are doing the painting. Unless you know how to do it, this will turn out to be a challenge. You need to caulk and mask trip to achieve crisp, flawless corners and joints. Doing this is not easy. It requires some good workmanship and the rights equipment. You need to be keen and take consideration on every detail of the job. Professional painters will let you have this with ease because they understand the process of getting over this hurdle.

Cabinet Painting and Preparation

The right preparation gives the right results. Ever tried to Google you way through cabinet painting? You will realize different blogs and websites give different procedure of preparing to get the desired finish. You can end up being confused not knowing what to do when to get what you need. There is no specific procedure of preparation. Professionals know this and they follow a particular procedure of preparing the surface depending on the design of the cabinet and the type of paint to be applied. There easiest way of going through this essential process is getting hold of a professional painter and letting him or her do the work for you.
How often does one do painting? Compared to the length of time that you will need your cabinet to have that stunning look, it is better to let the pro do the work. You will get the right cabinet look that is worth being in your home. It is not just the easiest way out but also the approach that gives the best results where cabinet painting is concerned.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cabinet Painting: The Easy and Best Way

Do you want to paint your cabinets, either in your kitchen or in  your bathroom?  You might want to call a pro to help you...
Cabinets need a new look? Call your house painter in Gilbert (480) 232-5474
Cabinets need a new look? Call your house painter in Gilbert (480) 232-5474

Professional Cabinet Painting:  There is a Difference

Why should you hire a professional painter in Gilbert  to paint your cabinets?  Painting looks like a pretty simple job. Sometimes you may think that as an amateur painter, you can do your cabinet painting with ease and get the right results that you desire. However, wait until you try it. It is not a simple process. You may end up calling a professional to do it for you. He will do it for you but you will have wasted some time and money trying to do it yourself.
The best advice I will always give people who desire to have an new look for the cabinets, get a professional to at least do your cabinets. You can do the other places in your home especially those that are simple to paint and do not need much attention to detail. Cabinets are different because they demand more. Here are a number of reasons why you will find a professional painter appropriate for the job.

The Reasons for Professional Cabinet Painting

They organize their painting. The most important aspect when doing some painting job is organization. You need to start in the right place and end in the right place. The organization actually depends on the kind of cabinets that are getting the paint job and the way that they are designed. A professional painter will look at the surface and the design and know exactly how to organize the job such that it flows easily and no conflict arises. This is developed out of experience and skills development.
A professional house painter gets the work done faster. One aspect of painting that matters most is how long it takes to complete the work and get a perfect look. When doing the painting, the least time possible should be taken so that you have time to let the surface dry up fast and in the right way. You will never beat a professional in achieving this. You need professionals to do the painting fast and have your cabinets dry and ready for use within the shortest time possible.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Professional House Painters: What a Pro Can Do For You (Contd)

A professional knows a lot of painting tricks...
painted wall
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Professional Painting Tricks

Here are some more painting tricks from a painting pro.
Scrape the ridge on texture ceiling. If you are doing textured ceilings, one of the challenges that you will face is having paint (small amounts) extend to the ridge. Professionals do not have that with their work. Their simple secret is after they are done with the painting, just before the paint is wet, they do the scraping. Using a screwdriver or any other sharp object, they scrape away the paint that would have extended to the ridge. It does the magic. It is simpler than you think and gives you a perfect finish.
Employ canvas as drop cloths.
Most people use bed sheets or cotton materials as drop cloths. The problem is, the paint will seep through your floor if you use these materials. You will think that you will have covered your floor perfectly only to realize that there are some paint stains on the floor. Professionals will always use canvas. They know this shortcoming of cotton and that is why they avoid it. Canvas on the other hand will not allow paint to sip through. The floor will remain clean and that is why they make the work look easier.
They do wall to wall. Professionals do one wall before they proceed to another. Look carefully, you will realize that professionals give all their attention to one wall and ensure that the surface is perfectly done before they move to the next wall. This technique enables them to focus on the surface one at a time rather than the house. It also makes them encouraged because they do not focus on how big the house is by trying to picture the whole job. This technique is good when doing painting on a house that is occupied.
Professionals do not tape windows. To make their work easier, professionals do not tape windows. They would rather do the painting and let the paint spill on the window. They will then scrape the paint off. However, you will need a specific tool for this. You need something that will not cause scratches on the surface of the window. A razor blade will do the work.
These are just a few tips on the difference between a professional painter and an amateur on how they do their painting. Following all these does not mean that you are now a professional but they point on how professionals make their work easier. You really should get a professional house painter to do the work for you.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Professional House Painters: What a Pro Can Do For You

There are several reasons why a professional house painter is someone that you really should consider hiring when it's time to paint.  First off, they know a lot of painting tricks that you can't even begin to guess at.
House Painters Bring Professionalism to the Job...
House Painters Bring Professionalism to the Job...

House Painters and the Professional Touch

Want some reasons to hire a professional painter?  For one thing, professional painters will do the work fast and efficiently. This is simply because they have mastered the techniques that bring out the best out of the surface that is worked on. It might look easy from the perspective of a person who is simply viewing the work done, but this is because professional painters follow some procedures and steps that make their work easier and efficient. I will share with you some of the secrets that professional painters put on their work but that is not enough to give you that professional work.
Sand  flaws away. Before you begin painting to give out the perfect look, one needs to start with a smooth surface. Professionals have known this. The ultimate look of the surface is subject to how you started the job. To make the surface smooth and ready for the first coat, professional painters will use sand paper to clean the surface. Sand will remove all the impurities, bumps, and other textures that will make the final output look bad. This has to be done right to end up with e perfectly smooth painted wall.
Use a putty knife when taping surfaces. You might have wondered how come professionals usually don't  have paint smudges or over flows on surface that are not supposed to be painted. You thought you figured it out when you discovered tape but you still get paint extending to the covered surface or leaving some spaces unattended. The answer is not on just using the tape to cover the surface, but it is how you do it. Using a putty knife to ensure that the tap is firmly and precisely held onto the corners of the surfaces that are to be covered makes it work. You simply press the putty knife on the edges of the tapes that are covered. In a later article, we will cover more tips and tricks

Hiring a Painter:  Protect Your Investment

Hiring a painter also protects your investment.  Look at someplace like a kitchen for example.  There are so many surfaces that can be ruined if splattered by paint.  Do you really want to replace a glass range top for example because you managed to spill paint on it, or have to call a stone restoration surface to repair the damage you caused to your granite countertop which is a now a cheery yellow color?
Can a painter make mistakes?  Of course.  Painters are human beings.  It's just that with a pro, when he goes to paint your home, he has a lot more experience to work with.
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