Friday, November 27, 2015

How to Find and Hire the Right House Painter (Conclusion)

Hiring a local painter should never be just about who works the cheapest.  It should be about the level of quality you can expect.
An Exterior House Painter in Your Area Can Give Your Home a Much Needed New Look
An Exterior House Painter in Your Area Can Give Your Home a Much Needed New Look

Local Painters and the Cost For Their Services

When you hire a local painter, the amount you will have to pay for the work being done is obviously an important consideration, but it's not always the most important consideration. After all, you get what you pay for.
You want to hire someone who is skilled and experienced, someone you think will do a good job. Try not to hire solely on the basis of price alone. The best contractor is the one who is the best worker, is skilled, and one who is mindful of safety. This professional painting contractor might not be the lowest bidder, but chances are good that he will be your best bidder.
Get it in writing.  Once you have settled on a painting contractor, get a contract in writing, and ask questions about the work that is about to be performed. You have a right to know what exactly will be done for your money. If you have any questions, ask for clarification.

Hiring a Local Painter:  Ask Some Questions, Use Your Voice

As specifically as possible, ask what will be included in the painting quote. This might include, for example, walls, trim, moulding, and other specifics. Some contractors will leave certain items open and give their clients options such as exterior walls, vents, and other extras. Another common extra is sand blasting paint off of brick surfaces. This is often an extra.
Preparation and cleanup. Who will be responsible for cutting plants back from walls that will be painted? Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the job is done?
Specify paint colors for areas to be painted. Some owners, for example, will want the house painted in one primary color, but with trim in a second color. Make sure it is clear what will be painted which color.
Find out how the painter plans to protect surfaces such as plants and shrubs on the exterior, furniture and appliances on the interior.
When and how will the contractor be paid for his work?
Step back and enjoy.  If you follow all of the tips above, chances are significantly better that you will enjoy a successful outcome to your painting project. Now sit back and enjoy it. Now it's time to make good use of the time you have saved.  All because you called a professional house painter.

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